House rules

1. You’re playing on a pinball machine. When your game is over, look over your shoulder. If there’s someone waiting to play the same machine, step aside and look for another game. If it is not busy you can go ahead and play another game, but you can not claim a pinball machine for yourself. You could also play a game together if you want.

Will you make sure to finish your game? To start a game, press the start button one time. You’ll keep getting balls until the game is over. You can then start a new game or move on to another one. Pressing the start button multiple times is useful when you want to play wilt multiple people. Ask us when you’re not sure how this works.

2. Treat the pinball machines the same way as you treat your children or partner. If you don’t treat them well either, we can get you in touch with a variety of authorities. You are held responsible in the case of intentional damage or vandalism.

3. The pinball machines aren’t coat racks. Do not put your bags, coats or other stuff on the machines. This is to prevent damage to the machines, like scratches on the glass. You can, at your own risk, use our coat rack upstairs at the front of our museum.

Consider our pinball machines as a new car in a showroom. It would be weird if you put your jacket and bag on the hood to get rid of them, wouldn’t it?

4. Kids up to 3 years old must be accompanied by a parent with a maximum of 1 child per parent. They must be supervised at all times. Kids up to 14 years must be accompanied by an adult with a maximum of 3 children per adult.

We really appreciate it if you inform the kids about our rules before visiting the museum. We understand that it can be difficult to explain what you can and, more importantly, can not do in our museum. We usually briefly repeat the important rules upon arrival, if we have time to do so.

5. Electronics and moisture aren’t best friends. Please don’t put any drinks or food on the pinball machines. The damage caused by a falling drink can be huge. Almost all pinball machines have a special cup holder in which you can put your drink.

6. Cursing won’t improve your gameplay. Please watch your language around other people. Also, the ball won’t go any faster by slamming the flipper buttons. Same goes for pushing the machine 15cm back while playing.

7. Is something broken or is a ball stuck in a machine? Let us know! The damage could get worse if you keep playing. We have the keys for every pinball machine and we can easily release a ball that is stuck. Throwing the machine around is not appreciated.

Also, please do not turn the pinball machines on or off by yourself. There’s a reason for a pinball machine to be turned off. And it will not necessarily work because you know where to find the power switch. Restarting a pinball machine by turning it off and on again is a no-go.

8. Feel at home, but don’t act as if you’re home.

9. You can enjoy alcoholic drinks in our restaurant, but please keep an eye on yourself. We do not like people being drunk. We have a No-Drugs policy.

10. Smoking inside is not allowed. We have a nice stainless steel ashtray outside, recognizable by its stainless steel appearance. You can throw your stub in there. And if you miss but still land the stub within 5cm of the ashtray and put it out, we’re still a little bit proud that you almost succeeded.

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